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Smart water managers require the best data

PipeFusion connects, corrects and validates utility network data to 99%+ accuracy, continuously and in real-time from any data set or network device. It's likely the highest quality data water managers have ever had.

Whether used to build hydraulic models, for planning, reporting or data-driven operations, PipeFusion ensures utilities always have an accurate source of analysis to rely on when making critical infrastructure decisions.

our approach

Unlocking the hidden value of water infrastructure

We use data and AI to empower water and wastewater utilities to make the best decisions, maximising the value and sustainability of crucial water infrastructure.

introducing pipefusion

Corrected network data for a new generation of water management

PipeFusion is a cloud data and analytics software and the heart of our water Data Intelligence Platform, delivering solutions to critical challenges in water supply and wastewater management

Delivering the highest quality water data

Using advanced data and machine learning technologies, PipeFusion automatically corrects and validates network data to over 99%+ accuracy in real-time. This unparalleled data quality enables utilities to unlock maximum operational value from their data.

One source of analysis for data management

Most of the value in water data is still siloed, making it difficult to get an accurate operational overview of network conditions. With PipeFusion, utilities gain a reliable source of analysis to connect, monitor and model all of their network asset data in one place.

One platform for data ops and modelling

Not only is it important to have high quality data, it needs to be accessible for everyday decision making. With PipeFusion, utilities can streamline their data operations, improving routine network analysis and reducing time spent on reporting and compliance.

missing wastewater zones identified

missing connections detected


network connectivity boost

In our clients' words

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"We chose InfoTiles because we didn't want to spend a lot of time and money building a platform ourselves. Now that we are becoming more numbers and facts-based in our operations, we can make our services more efficient."


Marianne Stokkereit Aasen
Municipal Director / Molde Municipality, Norway

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"This project has created valuable insight through small, but smart investments. It provides justification for the IoT concept and shows how important digital competence is in all parts of the organisation."

Torbjørn Pedersen

Torbjørn Pedersen
Director of Digitalisation / Lillestrøm Municipality, Norway

Lillestrøm Logo Bla RGB Tight

"We didn’t have to use one platform for the data, a second for visualisation, and a third for making sense of it all. With the InfoTiles solution built on Azure, we have an end-to-end solution from IoT sensors to visualisation; the act-on-fact principle is closer to us than ever before."

Erlend Berg

Erlend Berg
Enterprise Architect / Lillestrøm Municipality, Norway


"Anglian Water is proud to be involved in the success of the pilot programme, which will transform the way we manage our water recycling sites"


Mark Stirling
Optimisation Engineer / Anglian Water


PipeFusion FAQ

What is PipeFusion and how does it improve water supply management?

PipeFusion utilises advanced machine learning to accurately identify and correct errors in geometry, connectivity, and flow direction of a water supply network. By ensuring the data is precise and trustworthy, PipeFusion enables better decision-making in network management, leading to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced service delivery.

What data is required for PipeFusion and how much time does it take to see results?

PipeFusion utilises data that the majority of utility networks already have available for analysis. Typically, it will take 1-3 hours of work from your IT department or provider. The wait time (and time to value) often depends on the wait time for data approval and adaptation to a new data model or source systems. In practice, this can be done in 1-2 days. From there, the algorithm runs in minutes and will maintain the corrected data set without any additional customer input.

What do we receive with the results of PipeFusion?

Once data is integrated or uploaded and corrected with PipeFusion, utilities can extract a file with all the network errors and changes to be made, as well as a prioritised list so that the highest value data tasks can be addressed first.

Does PipeFusion automatically update the source data in our database?

Currently, real-time data is only available in PipeFusion with a database integration and two way updates using tools like Azure Data Factory. Otherwise, we provide the results as flat files with all the errors and corrections, as well as a prioritised list to correct the data in your existing database. These can be imported to any GIS system. If you have a source system with particular rules and format for import, our team is available to help standardise the data to your needs.

What level of data quality is needed for PipeFusion to work?

PipeFusion works on both historical and current data, and even relatively poor quality data is enough to deliver results. PipeFusion is able to achieve results even with poor data because our data models are constantly improved through anonymised learning from all of our customers.

How does PipeFusion know what data to correct and verify?

PipeFusion uses multiple advanced logical tests and statistical analyses, meaning it is able to add the missing information with higher accuracy than is possible using any other method or human intervention. All network data is verified.

What is the price of PipeFusion? Is there additional cost for data storage and retention?

InfoTiles products are priced using metered billing, meaning that customers only pay for what they use. Both PipeFusion and our Intelligence product modules are priced on per-kilometre basis, so the final pricing depends on the size of the network regardless of the volume of data. For exceptionally large water networks, or in instances where the size of the network does not correspond to the serviceable value, our team is happy to discuss fixed-rate alternatives.

InfoTiles provides pre-agreed upon limits for data storage and retention suitable to the use cases and functionality provided, the details of which can be discussed with our sales team. Typically, this is 5 years of 5-minute resolution data, with older data archived at 20-minute resolution for a further 5 years. Additional storage and retention is available upon request.

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