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Offering unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness, our digital smart meter solution eases integration challenges and facilitates scalable growth without constraints.

InfoTiles is ideal for water utilities seeking a versatile and efficient approach to smart water metering that is adaptable to future developments.

Smart water meters: Automated billing

  • InfoTiles can integrate with any smart water meter, providing you with the flexibility to choose meters that suit customers evolving needs.
  • Consumption data is made available to your invoicing system, enabling end-to-end automation of water consumption billing.

Smart Water Meters: Enriched DMA

  • High resolution consumption data provides new opportunities for grid performance and integrity analytics.
  • InfoTiles combines smart meter data with DMA to identify deviations and leakages in the water supply and assess water and wastewater grid capacity and performance.


In our clients' words

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"We chose InfoTiles because we didn't want to spend a lot of time and money building a platform ourselves. Now that we are becoming more numbers and facts-based in our operations, we can make our services more efficient."


Marianne Stokkereit Aasen
Municipal Director / Molde Municipality, Norway

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"This project has created valuable insight through small, but smart investments. It provides justification for the IoT concept and shows how important digital competence is in all parts of the organization."

Torbjørn Pedersen

Torbjørn Pedersen
Director of Digitalisation / Lillestrøm Municipality, Norway

Lillestrøm Logo Bla RGB Tight

"We didn’t have to use one platform for the data, a second for visualization, and a third for making sense of it all. With the InfoTiles solution built on Azure, we have an end-to-end solution from IoT sensors to visualization; the act-on-fact principle is closer to us than ever before."

Erlend Berg

Erlend Berg
Enterprise Architect / Lillestrøm Municipality, Norway

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