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Transforming Water Networks: District Metering Analysis (DMA) for Resilient Operations

Transforming Water Networks: District Metering Analysis for Resilient Operations

Water utilities use District Metering Analysis (DMA) as a fundamental tool for monitoring and managing water distribution networks. DMA involves dividing the network into smaller districts or zones and installing flow meters to measure the flow of water into and out of each zone. By analysing flow data from DMA, utilities can identify leaks, assess water consumption patterns and make informed decisions about infrastructure improvements and resource allocation.

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Norwegian municipality turns water data into actions through AI analytics

The Norwegian municipality of Lillestrøm has 87,500 residents and is located at the confluence of three rivers (Glomma, Nitelva, and Leira) creating the largest inland delta in Northern Europe, surrounded by the nature reserve Øyeren. 

To the environmental engineers at Lillestrøm municipality, water presents both a wealth of recreation opportunities and a challenge to protect waterways, manage wastewater, and keep the inhabitants, human and wildlife, safe from the effects of flooding.

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Wastewater influx monitoring | Digital Water | InfoTiles

Wastewater influx monitoring

If a water utility has leaking wastewater pipes, it can result in rainfall infiltrating the wastewater grid. This can overload the wastewater system during periods of heavy rain or storm events, leading to the release of untreated wastewater into the environment. It also increases the risk of cross-contamination of drinking water – though this is rare.

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infotiles use case - building energy monitoring

Building Energy Monitoring

Reduce carbon emissions and costs with real-time energy monitoring of different zones across multiple buildings. InfoTiles correlates energy use with ambient weather metrics such as degree days to provide actionable insights on building performance. Identify efficiency opportunities and plan upgrades with confidence.

Energy data can be sourced from SCADA, IoT, BMS or your energy retailer's API to provide live data for your estate. Enrichment options include:

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flood management

Floods and Flood Management


In the last 10 years damage caused by weather and natural events has cost 27 billion kr in Norway. Some of these damages could be prevented with a warning system and swift action from the municipalities. The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE ) do have flood warnings, but only for larger rivers.

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Why should the municipality have smart water meters?  

Why should the municipality have smart water meters?  

Water is one of our most important resources, vital for every inhabitant of a city every single day. At the same time, most of us have an astonishingly unconscious relationship with how much water we use (and pay for). Many municipalities also have poor control over leaks and consumption. Last but not least, better utilisation and safeguarding of the planet's water is an integral part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.   

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