Service levels policy

This policy explains how InfoTiles assures that our services will remain available for use, and how we will rectify issues and errors should they occur.



This policy explains how InfoTiles assures that our services will remain available for use and how we will rectify issues and errors should they occur.

Purpose and Scope

This policy's purpose is to set expectations for staff and customers for service availability of the InfoTiles platform and how we manage deviations from expected service levels.

Our commitments

We commit to using appropriate routines for operation and maintenance that ensure the availability and uptime of our platform, including continuous automatic monitoring of all microservices and logging of security-related events to detect possible deviations. We further commit to deploying resources with appropriate capabilities to quickly resolve situations where service falls below our commitments.


InfoTiles undertakes to use commercially reasonable measures to ensure that the services offered on and have an availability of 99.9%. Availability is calculated per calendar month and is defined as the ability to log into the solution and access stored data. Availability is calculated by subtracting the number of minutes unavailable from 100% of the number of minutes in the month, excluding excluded time. 

Exempt Time

The following events are considered as excluded time and shall be deducted from the basis for downtime:

  • Periodic and scheduled maintenance
  • Customer equipment or infrastructure failure
  • Faults caused by the actions, equipment or infrastructure of anyone other than InfoTiles
  • Delays due to the Customer's contact person not being available or unable to provide assistance at the Customer's 
  • Errors that are due to misuse of the Service or where use of the Service violates Norwegian law, or the prevailing law of the customer's contract.
  • Force Majeure 

Service Level Monitoring and Reporting

Service levels are monitored and reported on internally. A status page is also available here.

Handling errors and issues

We classify issues and errors in to three severity levels:

Level Severity Description
A Critical Errors that cause the solution to stop, that data is lost without the possibility of 
recovery, or that other functions that, according to an objective assessment, are 
critical to the delivery do not work as agreed.  
B Serious Errors that lead to functions that, based on an objective assessment, are important 
to the customer not working as described in the agreement, and which are time 
and resource-intensive to circumvent. 
C Standard Errors that lead to individual functions not working as agreed, but which can be 
relatively easily circumvented.  

Based on the severity level, InfoTiles will dedicate resources and establish target resolution time frames. There is also an expectation that for Critical errors, the customer will make resources available to coordinate the resolution of the issue. Note that customers with additional support agreements can expect improved commitments.

Severity Acknowledgement Response Commenced Remediation Target Resolution
Critical Same day as ticket is received via portal 4 business hours after receiving the ticket

Continuously within business hours. 

The customer can request for the fault to be worked on outside of business hours. 

Within 1 business day
Serious Same day as ticket is received via portal Next business day after receiving ticket

Continuously within business hours. 

The customer can request for the fault to be worked on outside of business hours.

Within 3 business days
Standard Same day as ticket is received via portal Within 3 business days of receiving ticket InfoTiles shall, in consultation with the customer, prepare a 
plan for if and when error correction is to be initiated.
Within 7 business days


Business hours and days are defined as 08:00-16:00 CEST, Monday - Friday, excluding Norwegian Public Holidays unless otherwise agreed.

Contact Points

All notifications regarding the service shall be routed through the InfoTiles Customer Support Portal (link).

All reported faults are logged and assigned a unique ticket number. Before reporting a fault, the Customer must be sure that 
the fault is not in their own network and that any deployed equipment has an adequate power supply.

When reporting errors, the Customer must provide the following:  

  • Company name/Customer number the service is registered on
  • Accurate fault description with all necessary details
  • Contact person with phone number and email address
  • The time at which the customer believes the fault commenced


For each month that has lower uptime than guaranteed, the customer can claim a reduction of the service's monthly licence 
fee for the period as shown in the table below.

Availability 99.5% 99.0% 98.5% 98.0%  ≤ 97.5% 
Price reduction 2.5% 5% 7.5% 10% 12.5%

Compensation cannot be claimed unless a fault in the service has been reported in accordance with the procedures described in this document. Any claims for compensation for breach of availability must be notified in writing by the Customer within 30 days of the end of the relevant month. 

Agreement to follow this policy

The InfoTiles management team agrees to follow and comply with this policy unless specific customer agreements take priority.


InfoTiles keeps its service level policy under regular review and places any updates on this web page. This service level policy was last updated in August 2023.