Making sense of data

Software-as-a-Service for Internet of Everything​ improving cities and utilities

A full IoE solution enabling rapid deployment of new and innovative services - without the time, cost and complexity of building the technical integrations and streaming architecture

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Smart City Solutions enabling smarter and more sustainable cities

Citizens expect effective and more innovative services from their cities.

We enable communities to unlock value from existing data – and enrich with IoT and new sources as the Smart City blooms!


Digital water solutions - easy-to-understand insights to flooding and water & wastewater management

Aging infrastructure and growing maintenance backlogs increase risk of leakages and flooding. Climate change and extreme weather puts further pressure on waterways, rivers and  water evacuation systems to avoid damages.

We provide insights available to everyone for more effective operations.


Our Industry 4.0 Solutions - Power & utilities, industry, asset management

Industry 4.0 is the application of technology to digitally transform how industrial companies operate. These technologies include the industrial IoT, automation and robotics, simulation, additive manufacturing, and analytics. Industry 4.0 is driven by a need to boost efficiency, become more agile to respond to market unpredictability, improve quality, and to enable new business models.




Our mission is to accellerate digital transformation. We minimize the time and resources needed to achieve intelligent process automation. The key is combining strategy and technology – and making sense of data.


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