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Condition monitoring and District Metering Analysis

Jun 19, 2022 2:30:57 PM • Written by: InfoTiles

InfoTiles District Metering Analysis (DMA) provides monitoring of pressure zones and supply zones in the water supply grid, in real time.  

The solution collects flow measurements from control systems and/or IoT, from all supply and measuring points in the grid. The measurements are reconciled live for every zone, providing a high-resolution view of the net consumption in the zones. 

These analyses have traditionally been conducted using control systems alone. Carving the area of responsibility into zones therefore require the connection of multiple flow meters to the control system, and configuration of control systems accordingly. Lack of the right tools for analytics and deviation detection had also meant that nightly minimum consumption has been the focus point for analysis. Minimum consumption, higher than zero indicates water loss – unless there is actually ongoing usage of water at the time.   

InfoTiles allows the easy introduction and definition of new zones, for instance by use of IoT flow meters. New zones can be defined directly in the solution, for permanent monitoring - or temporarily to narrow down a search area for a given problem.  

High resolution permits not only the assessment of leakages from minimum consumption but also to identify deviations in daily consumption. Built-in statistical analysis and machine learning can automatically identify deviations in net consumption, which could be leakages that warrant further investigation. 

With the entrance of Smart Water Meters, it is possible to get a high-resolution view of the actual consumption in every zone. With InfoTiles DMA this actual consumption can be held against the amount of supplied water in real time. 

This way, the identification of deviations and leakages becomes even more clear and leakages can be observed directly when they occur.  


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