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Building Energy Monitoring

Apr 12, 2022 1:52:50 PM • Written by: InfoTiles

Reduce carbon emissions and costs with real-time energy monitoring of different zones across multiple buildings. InfoTiles correlates energy use with ambient weather metrics such as degree days to provide actionable insights on building performance. Identify efficiency opportunities and plan upgrades with confidence.

Energy data can be sourced from SCADA, IoT, BMS or your energy retailer's API to provide live data for your estate. Enrichment options include:

  • Pulling in IoT or BMS occupancy sensors to identify wasted lighting or HVAC energy.
  • Blending public weather data and degree day telemetry to compare efficiency between buildings.
  • Setting targets based on built environment rating systems such as LEED, BREEAM, Green Star, NABERS to help facility managers achieve energy targets.
  • Adding Indoor Environment Quality metrics such as temperature, humidity, CO₂ levels to ensure efficiency measures do not compromise occupant comfort.

In conjunction with COWI and EWII, InfoTiles ran a short study incorporating 20 million data points from 4000 meters across 1300 apartments to benchmark performance across social housing in Denmark. The results enabled prioritisation of maintenance and better designs for future developments

Photo by Jon Moore on Unsplash





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