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 Sustainability  Intelligence  Platform

Your data, enriched by our AI

InfoTiles solves the problem of  many data sources  that are disconnected and unusable for decision making. InfoTiles blends your operational data with publicly available information to provide  new insights  that help you take  better actions 

how infotiles platform works
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How it works

AI-based Platform

Get started quickly

No need for more user accounts. All your users will access InfoTiles with their Microsoft Work account. Built upon enterprise-grade single sign-on, your data will be governed by your company's existing security policies. Onboard your colleagues with encouraging welcome messages and helpful guides. 

Get expert support

Take advantage of our expert BI analysts to tackle your more complex projects. You can also access comprehensive guides on our knowledge base and get online help from our support crew. 

Consolidate every data stream

You already have data in silos. SCADA, multiple IoT platforms and traditional enterprise software such as ERPs. Use our APIs and connectors to activate this data by combining it with your other sources and telemetry to create a holistic view. InfoTiles ingests data regardless of source or carrier such as GPRS, 4G LoRaWAN, Zigbee, NB-IoT and more. 

Gain context with real-time analytics

SCADA is suited for immediate monitoring and management but often fails to retain historical data, making it a poor choice for analytics. Securely stream SCADA data to InfoTiles to build a perspective that allows you to prepare for the future by understanding the past with Machine Learning. Blend in data from public sources such as weather and mobility to quantify external influences on your operations. 

Turn insights into high-impact actions

With real-time analysis of data from your newly connected sources, the complete picture is always up to date and at your fingertips. Developing situations can be proactively resolved before small warning signs grow into larger problems. Freely share dashboards and insights among authorised personnel and even other systems via our APIs. 

Our Features

A fully integrated solution for water and wastewater management

  • District Metering Analysis
  • Smart water meter: Leakage detection, Automated billing
  • Wastewater: Influx monitoring and overrun detection
  • Flooding prediction
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