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Create and sustain a thriving, livable and resilient city built on insights from your neck of the woods.

Our Impact

InfoTiles on the Path to Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Cities

Mobility Analysis

Every city has its unique transport challenges. In the past, speculation or case studies from other cities attempted to tackle these problems. InfoTiles takes the guesswork out of public transport, traffic, bicycle & pedestrian counters, and smart vehicle data. To answer questions and decrease uncertainty, use InfoTiles to collect all your mobility data and visualise it on a single pane of glass.


Citizen Reporting

Citizens are generating an increasing amount of reports that cities can use to identify and prioritise maintenance and emerging social issues. However, in order to get beyond treating symptoms and begin addressing core causes, you'll need to develop a holistic view that places these reports in the context of your other city data silos. InfoTiles contextualises your citizen data, allowing you to prioritise your activities and improve resident, worker, and business satisfaction.


Carbon, Energy & Water Management

Identify low hanging fruit for inclusion in efficiency upgrades. Many cities have incorporated Sustainable Development Goals into their roadmaps. Achieving efficiency improvements on a city scale can be daunting if tackled in spreadsheets and data exports. Planners and engineers working in InfoTiles quickly understand resource flows within a city and identify resource-intensive locations for capital upgrades.


Public Data Mashup

Governments and cities are gradually opening their data to the public. The challenge is that data is scattered in separate systems, making it impossible for the average city worker to find and utilise. InfoTiles simplifies this process by allowing users to swiftly ingest data from public sources and include it in their study. Imagine pulling running and cycling data from Strava and viewing it alongside citizen reporting and asset data to help prioritise recreation amenities.

Our Features

Derive insights. Gain foresights. Take action.

Secure IoT Data Streaming

Securely stream your sensor data to our Azure Cloud ingress point using encrypted communications. Onboard your devices with automated integrations for major IoT vendors and communication standards. Custom configurations are also supported.

Azure AD Login.          

No need for more user accounts. All your users access InfoTiles with their Microsoft Work account. Built upon enterprise grade single sign on, your data will be shared only with peers as governed by your company's existing security policies.

Real-Time Analytics.   

Predict the future by leveraging up to the minute observations from your sensor fleet. Not only is your raw data available the moment it’s recorded, our analytics engine processes incoming events in real time enabling you to make better tactical decisions based on up to the minute insights.

Publish Data via API

We recognise that you will need to consume the insights from InfoTiles in external software or make them available to customers via websites. Securely export your data to other systems such as databases, websites, control systems, and analytics software to level up those systems with InfoTiles data insights.

Machine Learning

Combine operational insights from multiple data sources to predict future states of your operational landscape.

Open Standards

Avoid vendor lock-in. Our customers love our service and we don’t lock in customers with proprietary formats. It’s your data and should remain that way.

Public Data Sets

Enrich your internal data streams with public data sources such as weather conditions, traffic statistics or any other public feed.


You control who accesses your data. Your IT Department's policies govern access to datasets and dashboards in InfoTiles.

Use Case

Building Energy Monitoring

Reduce carbon emissions and costs with real-time energy monitoring of different zones across multiple buildings. InfoTiles correlates energy use with ambient weather metrics such as degree days to provide actionable insights on building performance. Identify efficiency opportunities and plan upgrades with confidence.
smart city use case - infotiles

Use Case

Smart Molde and InfoTiles - Regional cooperation for smart use of data

The regional cooperation on water is now underway, with recognition and support from the National Institute of Public Health. InfoTiles contributes to scale up the use of smart water meters. Initially, the special focus is on how the technology can be used to map and repair leaks on the drinking water network, in addition to monitoring the Molde River. 


UN Sustainable Development Goal

SDG11 - Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

InfoTiles provides the platform for cities to prosecute their sustainability strategies by identifying opportunities and quantifying the effectiveness of implemented projects.



What Our Customers Are Saying

"We didn’t have to use one platform for the data, a second for visualization, and a third for making sense of it all. With the InfoTiles solution built on Azure, we have an end-to-end solution from IoT sensors to visualization; the act-on-fact principle is closer to us than ever before." Erlend Berg, Enterprise Architect
"This project has created valuable insight through small, but smart investments. It provides justification for the IoT concept and shows how important digital competence is in all parts of the organization." Torbjørn Pedersen, Director of Digitalization / Lillestrom Kommune

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