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Digital Water

InfoTiles provides real-time analytics solutions for Digital Water that span the water value chain, from supply through consumption to wastewater treatment and surveillance of natural waterways. InfoTiles unlocks data-driven planning, operations and maintenance in Water Management.

Our Impact

Achieve sustainable water management with InfoTiles 

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Real time monitoring, historical data, and analytics in a single window

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Improve response time to incidents 


Improve planning and maintenance effectiveness across the value chain 


Reduce leakages and environmental risks

Water Supply

Aging infrastructure and growing maintenance backlogs increase the risk of leakages. About 35 % of Europe’s drinking water is lost to leakages.

InfoTiles provides real-time analytics for the detection of leaks, reducing the response time to incidents. Our Pipeline Integrity Risk Analysis tools enable more effective planning and preventive maintenance.


Water Consumption and Billing

Smart Water meters enable efficiencies through automated invoicing of water consumption, and improved awareness of domestic usage. InfoTiles takes this further, streaming high-resolution consumption data and combining it with data from SCADA systems and other grid devices yielding new insight into water grid performance and leak detection.



Aging and leaky wastewater networks cause pollution. Influx of surface and ground water to the wastewater system causes overload and pushes uncleansed water to escape to the environment or contaminate drinking water. Furthermore, untreated influx creates unnecessary demand on wastewater cleansing capacity and wasted investment.

 InfoTiles provides condition monitoring of wastewater pumps and analyses the system’s response to weather conditions. Our unique approach to identifying influx water enables data-driven decision making for investments in pipelines, pumps and cleansing capacity.  


Waterways / Flooding

Floods have large consequences for communities and individuals. By combining data from IoT devices, control systems, weather stations and public data, InfoTiles predictive models provide flood risk alerts so that preventative measures can be taken to reduce flood damages.  


Our Features

New Insights. Better Actions.

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Asset integrity risk analysis 
  • InfoTiles calculates the risk of leakage for every component in your grid based on factors including equipment material, age, ground conditions and connections. 
  • This provides a unique basis for maintenance planning and placement of logging equipment for closer monitoring. 
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  • Integrate your condition monitoring across SCADA and IoT to cover all areas. Automate detection of deviations such as stoppages, leaks, overloads and overruns. Configure alerts to improve incident response times. 
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District Metering Analysis (DMA)
  • InfoTiles DMA provides real time monitoring of each pressure zone in your supply grid, providing insight into supply trends and deviations.
  • Create temporary zones to focus on areas of interest, without reconfiguring control systems. 
  • Include consumption data from Smart Water Meters for a complete view of supply, invoiceable consumption, and loss.
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Smart Water Meter integration 
  • InfoTiles will integrate with any Smart Water Meter, providing you with the flexibility to choose meters that suit your evolving needs.
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Smart Water Meters: Enriched DMA 
  • High resolution consumption data provides new opportunities for grid performance and integrity analytics.
  • InfoTiles combines Smart Meter data with District Metering Analysis to identify deviations and leakages in the water supply and assess wastewater grid capacity and performance. 
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Smart Water Meters: Automated billing 
  • Consumption data is made available to your invoicing system, enabling end to end automation of water consumption billing.  
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Wastewater: Influx monitoring 
  • Leaky wastewater pipes allow surface water to penetrate into the grid, increasing water evacuation, cleansing and energy costs. 
  • InfoTiles analyses dry and wet weather behaviour to calculate the amount of influx in every pump station in real-time, allowing you to see trends, costs and where to focus maintenance.  
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Wastewater: Overrun detection 
  • Overruns in the wastewater grid cause uncleansed water to be released into the environment.  
  • InfoTiles enhances monitoring of pump stations and manholes by combining data from SCADA and IoT, for rapid detection of deviations and overruns.
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Waterways and flooding 
  • InfoTiles predictive models provide flood risk alerts so that preventative measures can be taken to reduce flood damages.  

Use Case

How Lillestrøm effectively handles environmental challenges

The collection of data from multiple sources gives Lillestrøm municipality unique insight into multiple specific environmental challenges. Thanks in part to InfoTiles, Lillestrøm is now well equipped to handle rising sea levels, torrential rain and floods in a resource-efficient way.

InfoTiles dashboards

UN Sustainable Development Goal

SDG6: Ensure safe drinking water and sanitation for all

About 35 % of Europe’s drinking water is lost to leaks and never reaches consumers.  Only 56% of the world’s wastewater is safely treated. The remaining 44% is a major cause of pollution of our waterways. 

InfoTiles works relentlessly to support our partners and customers in achieving more sustainable water management and urban water sustainability, through reduced leakage of drinking water, improved integrity in our wastewater infrastructure, and reductions in overflows.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"We didn’t have to use one platform for the data, a second for visualization, and a third for making sense of it all. With the InfoTiles solution built on Azure, we have an end-to-end solution from IoT sensors to visualization; the act-on-fact principle is closer to us than ever before." Erlend Berg, Enterprise Architect / Lillestrøm Kommune
"This project has created valuable insight through small, but smart investments. It provides justification for the IoT concept and shows how important digital competence is in all parts of the organization." Torbjørn Pedersen, Director of Digitalization / Lillestrøm Kommune

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