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AI-driven digital water solutions

InfoTiles provides AI-driven solutions that unlocks water insights, helping cities and utilities be more sustainable.
make water sustainable with InfoTiles digital water solutions

Data Cleansing with PipeFusion

Automatically clean and correct up to 99% of data in water and wastewater networks with artificial intelligence (AI). Save time and money for important analysis.

make water sustainable with InfoTiles digital water solutions

Transformative leakage detection

Identify and stop leaks more efficiently, faster and with lower costs. Keep water in the network and minimise the financial and operational impact of water loss.

make water sustainable with InfoTiles digital water solutions

Water ingress reduction

Calculate the exact locations, costs and carbon emissions from stormwater inflow and groundwater infiltration into sewers and start building credible business cases for investment and remediation.

make water sustainable with InfoTiles digital water solutions

Predictive maintenance

Move from reactive to proactive maintenance and reduce operational expenses (OPEX) by 12-18 % on average with efficient use of resources

make water sustainable with InfoTiles digital water solutions

Sewer overflow prediction

Enable rapid response in the field, utilising network capacity to stop sewer and combined ser overflows (CSOs)

make water sustainable with InfoTiles digital water solutions

Agnostic smart water meter solution

Ideal for water utilities looking for an adaptable and efficient approach to smart water meter solutions that adapt t0 future developments.

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In our clients' words

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"We chose InfoTiles because we didn't want to spend a lot of time and money building a platform ourselves. Now that we are becoming more numbers and facts-based in our operations, we can make our services more efficient."


Marianne Stokkereit Aasen
Municipal Director / Molde Municipality, Norway

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"This project has created valuable insight through small, but smart investments. It provides justification for the IoT concept and shows how important digital competence is in all parts of the organization."

Torbjørn Pedersen

Torbjørn Pedersen
Director of Digitalisation / Lillestrøm Municipality, Norway

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"We didn’t have to use one platform for the data, a second for visualization, and a third for making sense of it all. With the InfoTiles solution built on Azure, we have an end-to-end solution from IoT sensors to visualization; the act-on-fact principle is closer to us than ever before."

Erlend Berg

Erlend Berg
Enterprise Architect / Lillestrøm Municipality, Norway


"Anglian Water is proud to be involved in the success of the pilot programme, which will transform the way we manage our water recycling sites"


Mark Stirling
Optimisation Engineer / Anglian Water

Frequently Asked Questions

How does InfoTiles work towards digital transformation in the water sector?

InfoTiles’ innovative digital analytics platform spans the water value chain, simplifying and automating the tedious steps of consolidating data and applying real-time analytics and machine learning for water management.

InfoTiles provides software that combines and enriches data from different silos - including legacy water utility systems. When enhanced with public data, utility companies discover new insights and make sustainable decisions based on facts, leading to sustainable water use in communities.

What does InfoTiles do in the water supply?

Aging infrastructure and growing maintenance backlogs increase the risk of leakages. Even now, about 35 of Europe’s drinking water is lost to leakages. 
InfoTiles provides real-time analytics for the detection of leaks - reducing response time to incidents.

Our pipeline integrity risk analysis tools enable more effective planning and preventive maintenance. 

What does InfoTiles do in the water consumption and billing?

Water Consumption and Billing: To automate invoicing, and improve awareness of water usage

Smart water meters enable water use efficiencies through automated invoicing of water consumption, and improved awareness of domestic usage. InfoTiles takes this further by streaming high-resolution consumption data and combining it with data from SCADA systems and other grid devices, giving you new insights into water grid performance and leak detection.

What does InfoTiles do in wastewater?

Wastewater: To monitor water ingress that supports decision-making for equipment investments.

Aging and leaky wastewater networks cause pollution. Infiltration of surface and ground water to the wastewater system causes overload and pushes un-treated water to escape to the environment or contaminate drinking water supplies. Untreated infiltration creates unnecessary demand on wastewater treatment capacity and can waste investment. 

 InfoTiles provides condition monitoring of wastewater pumps and analyses the system’s response to weather conditions. Our unique approach to identifying infiltrated water enables managers and operative to make data-driven decisions for smarter investments in pipelines, pumps and treatment capacity. 

What does InfoTiles do in waterways and flooding?

Waterways & Flooding: To take preventative measures on the flooding risk.

Floods have big consequences for communities and individuals. By combining data from IoT devices, control systems, weather stations, and public data, the InfoTiles predictive models provide flood risk alerts so preventative measures can be taken to reduce flood damage.

What does InfoTiles do towards water stewardship?

Together we work towards the shared goal - the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6!

About 35 % of Europe’s drinking water is lost to leaks and never reaches consumers. Only 56% of the world’s wastewater is safely treated. The remaining 44% is a major cause of pollution of our waterways and the environment.

InfoTiles works relentlessly to support our customers and partners in achieving sustainable urban water management, through reduced leakage of drinking water, improved resilience in wastewater infrastructure, and reductions in overflows.