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Data Lakes - almost everything you need to know

It starts with a stream...

Why do we write down important things? Is it because we want future generations to know about our lunch appointments or Strava records? Or is it because we want to remember what we need to do, or if we are improving our sports performance? Organisations have much the same questions, but added to this is the need for other people and systems to access these records. And thus, databases are a thing, and now you wonder if you need a data lake.

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InfoTiles is part of the #BuiltFor2030 project

Helping to #BuildFor2030

We are very proud to be partners with Microsoft, and have worked very closely with them the past years in promoting InfoTiles and our solution to deliver more sustainable water usage in cities and municipalities.  

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InfoTiles recognised as one of Microsofts success stories from Norway

Inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), InfoTiles are proud to be one of the selected partners taking part in the #BuildFor2030 campaign with Microsoft. Our solution enables more sustainable water usage by digitalising the environmental engineering departments within municipalities with data and information flowing seamlessly in real-time across departments. 

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InfoTiles vinner SmartBy-pris

InfoTiles won Smart City Award 2020

Oslo, February 13, 2020 - InfoTiles is thrilled to win the Smart City Award 2020 (2020 SmartBy prisen) at the Smart City Ceremony hosted by The Norwegian Data Association (Den Norske Dataforeningen). InfoTiles was recognised for its ability to connect different data sources and put them together in new, meaningful contexts.

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